Took my class photos at the botanical garden

I will never forget that I had my senior pictures taken in ThoUSnd Oaks California; I live up north.

  • If you want a nice picture, you are getting a single of grape fields or cows; That is it.

I wanted something a bit different. I lucked out that my parents were planning a trip to California. I knew I would want my picture to be from that trip. I researched all there is to do. I stuck on ThoUSnd Oaks because they offer tons of botanical gardens. There is the wildwood regional park that is quite pretty. They have gardens of the world & the Conejo valley botanical garden. That is absolutely where I took my senior pictures. My sibling is quite handy with a camera; So while walking around I would pose in various areas. I even brought a few fluctuations of clothes with me. I changed in the washroom & got to have a whole series of photographs in bizarre outfits. I appreciated how they all turned out. The a single I choose for my senior photo was absolutely in the butterfly garden. I had a green dress on & hair down to match that kind of theme. It is still my preferred picture of myself and others to this day. I am hopeful to get back to ThoUSnd Oaks again. I remember absolutely being thrilled there, and now that I am older I am sure I will find other things cool about the area too. I mean they do have legal recreational weed there. That could be a fun thing to explore.



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