Tips for buying cannabis in Los Angeles

If you have never had the opening to go weed shopping in Los Angeles, let myself and others tell you – you’re in for a treat! Aside from the splendor of Amsterdam, I daresay that LA is the best possible city for finding the best & most exotic strains of marijuana, and part of the reason for that is due to the high level of competition… There are almost 200 legal cannabis dispensaries in the city, & all of them want to outdo the others. This is a buyer’s market, & if you look in the right places you can find anything you want! That said, here are a few expert tips for cannabis shopping in Los Angeles! First of all, bring money with you, then cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles do not accept credit cards or checks, although some of them have started taking debit cards. Federal law prohibits the sale of cannabis, even though it is perfectly legal in Los Angeles, so the stores have to be money-only, then my fourth tip is to only visit cannabis dispensaries that are licensed & certified with the city of Los Angeles & the state of CA, then with all the rules & regulations we have about cannabis, the licensed stores are as wipe & safe as pharmacies; Los Angeles does have a high number of unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, & to be honorablemost of them are just as wipe & neat as a pharmacy, too. Third, do not attempt to smoke your legally purchased cannabis outside, or while driving your car in Los Angeles. You will get arrested for that.


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