ThoUSAnd Oaks delivery services have grown in recent years

When marijuana was legalized more than 10 years ago, there were a lot of rules and regulations regarding marijuana and marijuana use, there were only a few marijuana dispensaries allowed to open in the start, but when I lived in ThoUSAnd Oaks, California, there were only one or several marijuana shops! I lived in ThoUSAnd Oaks for a couple of years and I worked at a hospital nearby.

I moved away from California and over to the east coast and I worked there for a couple of years.

I recently returned to Ventura County and got a task working in ThoUSAnd Oaks again. I have witnessed a lot of growth since the last time that I was in the city, and one change that is major is the amount of medical and recreational marijuana shops. There are a dozen odd recreational and medical marijuana shops in ThoUSAnd Oaks and that does not even include the rest of Ventura county, but all of these shops offer a wide selection of cannabis products including edibles, tinctures, concentrates, dried marijuana flower, and oils. It’s nice to know that the products that are legal are available for all the people to purchase and the prices are even lower than I remember in the past. I’m sure that ThoUSAnd Oaks has lower prices than most other locales around the country. I came from the east coast where marijuana was legalized but the prices are still about 30% higher than the west coast, however marjiuana grows so actually in the wet and sunny mediterranean temperature. This is the perfect locale to grow, farm, and cultivate.

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