This vegas dispensary is worth a stop

Along with casinos, amazing restaurants, live tunes, comedians and spectacle, there are some lesser known attractions and activities in Las Vegas that are worth exploring, however on our last trip to Vegas, our friends and I checked our Adventuredome, but located right on The Strip at Circus Circus, the indoor amusement park covers 5 acres and is designed for both youngsters and adults, then the Midway features more than 200 popular and classic games and surrounds a circus stage with acts going on throughout the day.

There is a 4-D theater and rides that range from family-friendly and scream-inspiring.

The Canyon Blaster roller coaster flies through a double-corkscrew and double-loop at 55 mph. The El Loco carries passengers 90 feet upward before plunging, twisting and turning and reaching a 1.5 vertical-G! For adults only, there is a recreational cannabis dispensary located in the Chinatown village… Anyone who is 21 years of age or older only needs to show a valid government issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to purchase cannabis. The dispensary is a worthwhile trip, offering world-class strains and every innovation of consumption method, and i am particularally fond of their variety of disposable vapes. The process is easy and discreet. There’s no ash, smoke or aromas. I just push a button and inhale. Because the cannabis oil is heated just to the point of vapor it avoids carcinogens and provides a high concentration of cannabinoids, but vapes are available in a broad range of indicas, hybrids and sativas, from THC dominant to CBD dominant varieties. I can choose from all different flavors, and I just throw the pen away when I’m done with it.


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