This man is a legend

Every small city has their own myths and legends, and mine is no different… We are in the long shadow of Chicago, which means no one ever very thinks about us, and orland Park is a city about 25 miles away from the Second City, and it is a peaceful, quiet locale to live, however like I said, just because both of us are quiet doesn’t mean both of us are separate from ghost stories and pieces of local lore, however as a kid, my number one was about a living scarecrow called Mr, however nix, who lived in the cornfields and looked for naughty children to drag away into the darkness; I’m bringing this up because now that I have graduated from film school and moved back to Orland Park, Illinois, I think my first film should be about the scarecrow legend, and first of all, it’s one of the only legends that Orland Park can call its own, and minute, my dad claims to have seen it when she was a kid! She is almost sixty now, and the owner of a successful Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair shop downtown, and has consistently been very vocal about her belief in the legend.

In the local Orland Park history museum there is even a little display about the legend, and a newspaper clipping about my dad is area of it! She had her picture and her bid printed in the Orland Park Examiner, so she is officially area of the local lore! If I can get him to take a few days off from the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C shop I’d adore to film an interview with him, and use it as the basis for my Orland Park documentary.


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