This is the perfect location, I'm sure of it

The San Joaquin Valley is a beautiful stretch of land, and it is an extremely fertile locale where agriculture plus farming thrive.

Visalia is situated in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in central CA; My family plus I moved to Visalia when I was 10 years old.

My dad started toiling at the medical center. My mom took my sibling plus I to Sequoia National Park almost every weekend, but both of us got to spend a lot of time outdoors. Both of us took our bikes plus occasionally both of us went hiking. Both of us had picnics in the sizable forest. Both of us spent a lot of time with our mom plus I felt love both of us were consistently outside, however when my mom plus dad separated, my sibling plus I had to live with my dad plus both of us missed seeing my mom a lot, but after my parents had some time to work on things, they were a lot nicer to each other. I remember a time when my mom plus my dad took us to Sequoia National Park, and things were going entirely fantastic until both of us were set up for a picnic plus someone across the parking lot was smoking marijuana. My dad had a sizable fit plus he started yelling plus screaming at the young guy who could not have been more than 25. Marijuana is legal in CA plus the guy wasn’t entirely doing anything wrong. My dad lost his temper plus one of the park rangers told us that both of us had to leave the property instantaneously. The ranger didn’t even address the marijuana smokers. After that, my parents didn’t spend any more time together.


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