This beach apartment is the best

I’m a simple person really.

I do not require a lot of attention plus I am not really a sociable person.

My method of a fun night is laying at beach apartment while watching reruns of my favorite TV show. There is something about the office that I easily love. The show never gets aged to me plus I even watch the first season when I watch reruns. A lot of people hate the first season, because the humor was really dark. I guess it’s important to see where the show started plus where the show ended. The first season is section of the journey, and last Monday night my lady came over plus the two of us decided to binge watch all of season 7 of The Office. We were getting cozy on the couch when my lady suggested contacting the recreational marijuana delivery repair in San Francisco. I thought it sounded like a good method plus I knew they were open late. The San Francisco marijuana delivery repair takes orders until 11 p.m. plus they supply until 1 am. My lady plus I ordered from the express delivery catalog of items. We bought two grams of cannabis concentrate. One of the grams of cannabis concentrate was a sativa called yellow dream. The other cannabis concentrate was an Indica called Granddaddy Purple, then both items were section of a sale on the same manufacturer. My lady acquired 20% off both of the concentrates plus the two of us got a free pre-roll for placing an order that night. The driver from the San Francisco marijuana delivery repair was there in a jiffy.


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