These cannabis stores are awesome

Michigan first legalized marijuana for medical use back in 2008.

I was in university at the time plus remember the feeling I had walking into a cannabis dispensary for the very first time.

I thought it would take moving out to California or Colorado to experience legal weed, however it was nice finally having it here at house in the appealing Great Lakes state. I was studying architecture as an undergraduate student at Western Michigan University at the time plus visited my first dispensary in downtown Kalamazoo. After I graduated, I decided to move to Muskegon with my lady at the time. Despite cutting up soon after getting to the shores of Lake Michigan, I felt a gravity to this stadium plus decided I wanted to stay along the coast somewhere that was peaceful plus quiet. That’s how I ended up in Whitehall after a few years dealing with the neighborhood life of Muskegon. Whitehall sits right at the edge of Whitelake, just miles away from Lake Michigan proper. On top of that, there is White River Park to the east for gorgeously wooded hiking trails. The best area about being in Michigan right now is the access to legal weed. Even though the two of us have recreational cannabis here, it’s cheaper to buy cannabis at dispensaries in Whitehall with a Michigan state medical marijuana card. With the medical cannabis card, you get to bypass the taxes levied on recreational cannabis purchasers. I heard that Michigan might dissolve the medical cannabis program to raise more taxes by forcing most people to utilize the recreational marijuana market.



Pot Dispensary Whitehall Michigan