There is quite a bit of shopping here

My daughter and I enjoy shopping together.

  • It is our mother/daughter bonding time ritual.

I live in Whitby Ontario and there are plenty of shopping options. Closer to our home there are tons of small boutiques to shop at. That is fun because you can buy things that not everybody in town is wearing. I like to support smaller businesses while I can. I also enjoy that my cannabis dispensary is nearby. My daughter can spend hours in this one particular boutique. I get her set up in the dressing room, run over to my cannabis shop and pick up a few things. I then have some fun stuff for me when I get home and feel tired. I typically take cannabis oil in order to sleep easier at night. Every now and then I grab some edibles with high THC content for my husband and I. After that my daughter and I could go home or venture further out. In the Oshawa Center there are tons of shops, over 200 I would say. You can get the larger department stores like H&M and Gap or you get some high end stores. What is nice is that there is a large food court with tons of fast food options. If my daughter and I do a whole day of shopping we like to end there. We get some pretty good deals and you can find just about anything there. Most people don’t think of my area as a big shopping center, but there really is something for everybody there.

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