The website was down all morning

It was pouring down rain this morning and I didn’t want to leave my apartment.

I ran out of marijuana flower and I decided to go online to order more.

I went to my favorite dispensary’s website, but it was down for construction. I thought it was very strange, so I refreshed the page. I received the same error message. I decided to wait a few minutes to see if the problem would fix itself. I smoked the last of the marijuana flower that I had in the bowl. I opened up the computer and tried that website again. It still didn’t work. I contacted the dispensary, but no one answered the phone. I’ve been in that store a hundred different times and I’ve heard the phone ringing a lot. I really don’t think they answer the phone unless there isn’t a single customer inside of the store. I did not expect anyone to answer the phone when I called. I didn’t want to leave the house in the rain, but I put on a pair of boots and a hat and I went to the garage to get my car. I drove 3 miles to the Denver dispensary location. I tried to call the dispensary location on my phone while I was on my way and they did not answer the phone. When I arrived at the location, the parking lot was surprisingly empty. I walked into the building and there wasn’t a single person inside of the store. I immediately told the manager of the Denver dispensary that the website was down. I also complained about the fact that no one answered any of my calls during the last 3 hours.


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