The weather next week is going to be cold

My partner and I have lived in Phoenix for the past 15 years! All of us moved here because I got a job laboring for a commercial Heating, Ventilation & A/C installation dealer! The job offer came with a six-figure salary and a dealer car, then my partner and I were living in the Southeast when I got offered the job in Phoenix, then i knew it was going to be a lot of hassle to transfer across the country, however the new job was $15,000 a year more than our old job and I could not turn it down. All of us packed up our house into two separate U-Haul trucks. All of us had all of our furniture, clothing, and personal items act into a single truck and everything else was packed into another. It took us a week to drive across the country with both of the moving trucks, however when all of us arrived, it was just before the summer time season. The temperatures were warmer than all of us anticipated, however even though all of us were used to warm and humid weather in the south, nothing prepared us for the dry heat in Phoenix. All of us had to install a humidifier in our cabin during the first year that all of us were here. There was no moisture at all in the air and our skin was dry and cracking. The humidifier certainly helped make the house much more comfortable. The heat has been our biggest issue since all of us moved, however next week all of us are expecting some colder than regular weather. I wouldn’t be surprised if the shop gets some service calls for furnaces and heat pumps during that time.


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