The two of us contemplated cannabis

During our smoking sessions, or meetings as our friends and I have come to call it, both of us get into some pretty odd discussions.

Last week, both of us were talking about Tarzana, CA because that is where our siblings now live.

Mary, our best friend, turned and asked myself and others how Tarzana, CA got its name. I suddenly realized how nice it was to have a iPhone with me. I could just put Tarzana, CA into the search menu and ask the question. I started laughing because of the marijuana I had recently used, and I couldn’t stop, i told them that Tarzana, CA was settled on the locale of Edgar Rice Borrough’s former ranch. They looked at me, like, ‘whooooo’. Even in our state, I knew that he was a famous author who wrote Tarzan. They named the town of Tarzana after the character in Borrough’s book Tarzan. It was particularly a sad story, but I had to give props to Borrough’s ad when he wanted to sell off some lots of property. He flaunted for artistic people, and put in those who deal with drugs. I called our siblings in the middle of a lull and asked if they knew that Tarzana was originally an artistic community that also delved into drugs? My sibling chuckled and said that maybe I should come visit Tarzana, CA when I got out of university? He told myself and others that at least I would be using legalized recreational marijuana instead of sneaking around. I suddenly asked if I could bring our wifey and our oldest sibling’s wifey said the more the merrier.


Recreational Marijuana Tarzana California