The trip was filled with anxiety, especially in Denver

I don’t like driving in traffic. When I was younger, I drove all over the city. I delivered pizza and car parts. I didn’t mind sitting in traffic and I didn’t mind waiting at the red light. Now that I am older, sitting in traffic and driving in the car gives me a great deal of anxiety. My girlfriend and I decided to take a trip last month and we had to drive through Denver, Colorado. The entire trip was filled with anxiety, but things were really bad when we were driving through Denver. It was a warm summer day, and the Denver temperatures were in the low 90s. My girlfriend and I were using the air conditioner in the car. We were sitting in traffic on the Interstate for several miles. During that time, the fan stopped blowing cold air. We tried every setting on the air conditioner, but nothing helped the problem. We still had three more hours of driving until we reached our destination. It took an extra hour to drive through downtown Denver, and the lack of AC made the entire experience a lot worse. By the time we arrived at our destination, I was ready to enjoy a huge bowl of cannabis. Thankfully cannabis is legal in the state of Colorado. It is one of the reasons why my girlfriend and I prefer to visit the estate and vacation in the area. After five days, we had to turn around and drive right back through Denver. I was petrified, but it was the only way to get back home.

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