The school recruiter chatted about illegal marijuana at least fifteen times

My mom and I went to meet with the school recruiter from Illinois state, however i arrived on a Friday day and the school recruiter met my mom and I at a Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop! The two of us walked around the campus for an minute and then my mom and the football coach taught for a while.

Then my mom went back to the hotel and the coach and I spent the rest of the day together. The two of us went to talk to the team and he showed me around the venue, locker rooms, and the Press room, but during the day, the coach talked to me a lot about the football program, education, and all of the things that he expected from me. During the talk, the school recruiter must have talked about illegal marijuana at least 15 times. The school recruiter reminded me that marijuana is legal in the state of Illinois, but it is not section of the football program, students that are 21 years of age can use marijuana, but they cannot be members of the football program. If I want to make sure that I can continue to be a bright and shining football star, after that I have to stay away from marijuana, even if it is legal in the state of Illinois. I have 2 more programs to look into before I make my decision; Honestly, Illinois state is really first on my list, because it is close to home and I could still see my mom and dad on the weekends if I want to go home for a few minutes.

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