The sativa strain was a pretty great option for the outing

I have lived in San Jose, California for the past several years, although I recently went to San Francisco for a one-week vacation. My lady insisted that I should see the area. I had not been to San Francisco since moving to California. I recognize it is not a legitimately long drive to the area, although I was tied up with work plus chose to visit locales that were closer to home. My lady plus I decided to go to San Francisco when the weather was legitimately hot plus comfortable. One afternoon we decided to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. The people I was with and I started on the Northern tip of the bridge plus walked South. Before we started walking across the bridge, my lady plus I stopped at a recreational marijuana shop. The people I was with and I thought it might be a fun experience to walk across the bridge under the influence of marijuana. The people I was with and I did not want to purchase a lot of items that would go to waste, so we picked a half gram disposable vape pen. The person behind the counter commanded a sativa strain called Blue Dream. The purple dream vape pen had a great fruity flavor that tasted like redberries. The sativa strain was a great option for the afternoon. My lady plus I took a couple of hits from the vape pen before we started walking across the bridge. It hit both of us rather swiftly plus we did not need any more until we were walking back on the other side of the bridge. My lady was right about San Francisco. There are a number of activities that we did not get to do plus I look forward to going back to the bay area.


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