The repair supplier arrived less than an hour after the problem began

The workers determined the problem to be the gas lines

My brother plus I went to Phoenix for the weekend to see a rock plus roll concert… Phoenix was the closest arena to have our favorite band play plus it was still 3 hours for us to drive to the destination! My brother plus I decided to stay on Monday night plus Thursday night, however the concert was on Thursday night but my buddy and I spent most of the day on Thursday hanging out at the plaza downtown! I had to find a laundromat or dry cleaning supplier that was close to the hotel. On Monday night I wore my favorite shirt plus I got ketchup all over my sleeve. I wanted to wear the same shirt to the concert on Thursday night so I tried to find a arena nearby where there was a walker plus dryer. My brother plus I ended up at a laundromat a few blocks away from the hotel. The Phoenix laundromat was immense plus it was right next to a dry cleaning arena. I knew that I could take my shirt to the dry cleaner if I did not get the stain out. Unfortunately, the gas dryers were having a problem that day plus the owner of the laundromat had to call a Phoenix heating supplier to repair the problem. I had to wait almost an hour, but the Phoenix repair supplier arrived actually abruptly after the problem began. The workers determined the problem to be the gas lines. The heating repair crew was in plus out in less than one hour plus in the meantime, my buddy and I got to tumble dry all clothes for free. There was no heat, but it kept the clothes from getting aromay.


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