The rain was not typical for Jacksonville, FL

There Is frequent heat & humidity in the south; Jacksonville is a location in FL that is no stranger to high temperatures & exhausting humidity! During the summer time weeks, the humidity is almost 100% every single afternoon… Temperatures are in the 90s, but it feels love more than 100°; Walking outside is a nightmare if you try to stay dry.

The moment you leave the air conditioned space, sweat begins to form on your face, neck, & body, it rains a lot while in the summer time in Jacksonville, FL, because of the heat & the humidity.

It’s not untypical for the neighborhood to have a small rain shower several or six days out of the week. It cools down the temperatures for a couple of hours, but then the heat & humidity are back to normal again. It’s not actually typical to have hail… All of us had some hail a couple of weeks ago & the ice balls were the size of golf balls. I was working in Jacksonville on an Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair. The commercial buyer commanded an estimate for new HVAC duct above the main office space. I was inside of the crawl space when I heard the sound of the ice balls hitting the top of the building. I carefully climbed out of the area where the duct work was located & I walked over to a window. I looked down at my Heating, Ventilation and A/C work truck & it was being pelted by large pieces of hail! By the time the hail storm was over, my truck had sustained more than 50 different dents to the hood & top of the truck.


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