The price on marijuana has dropped since it was legalized 10 years ago

Marijuana was legalized almost 10 years ago in the state of Colorado… Since then, the prices on marijuana have extremely decreased each and every year, but every time new laws are passed to make marijuana even more accessible, the prices seem to drop; I do not mind that the prices drop, because I use a lot of recreational marijuana supplies.

I spend about $200 every month and cheaper prices mean that I have more currency to spend our money other bills throughout the week. I have very loved residing in Denver, however it is a very pricey locale to live. I barely make enough currency to spend our money the rent and I have a roommate, my roommate works at a Denver marijuana dispensary! The guy gets a superb deal on all of his recreational marijuana supplies. I’ve tried to talk him into buying things for me too, however he is way too afraid that he will get caught and lose his job. I understand why the guy is afraid. I would not want to do anything to jeopardize our job if I worked at a dispensary too. I would work at a marijuana dispensary myself, however our parents would very have a fit if they found out that I was working at a dispensary. They might start to question whether or not I use recreational marijuana. I haven’t shared that fact with them yet. I do not know there is any reason to share that part of our life with our parents. I absolutely do not inform them when I go out and have a couple of beers with our friends. It doesn’t make any sense to tell them about recreational marijuana either.

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