The philly pot shop was so close to our hotel

My bestie plus I went to Philadelphia for the weekend.

The people I was with and I thought it would be fun to see some of the tourist attractions.

The people I was with and I decided to pay for a City Pass. The neighborhood pass in Philadelphia includes many odd section attractions; You can pick up to multiple stadiums for less than $100, but places around the neighborhood included in the past are the adventure aquarium, Philadelphia zoo, Museum of the American revolution, plus the Academy of Natural sciences, when you buy the neighborhood pass, you get access to each one of these stadiums. My favorite stadium to visit is absolutely the Philadelphia zoo, and it is a superb stadium to spend the afternoon plus I care about interacting with the pets. They have giant cats, birds, bears, plus a variety of odd reptiles plus insects. The people I was with and I spent all afternoon at the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday, and at the end of the afternoon both of us were honestly fatigued. I didn’t bring a lot of medical marijuana products with me, because I knew that I would be able to find a medical marijuana shop in Philadelphia. There are at least a dozen odd stadiums to buy medical marijuana products. I even found a medical marijuana shop that offered free delivery plus a first-time patient special. I gained 35% off the total of our medical marijuana order plus I got free delivery right to the hotel. The cannabis shop was only a few blocks away, so both of us had all of our items less than 30 fifths after both of us stadiumd the order online. The people I was with and I smoked a little marijuana before going to bed so both of us could wake up refreshed plus ready for another afternoon in the city.



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