The new products are selling well

After my fiance plus I moved to Albuquerque, I wanted to find a odd job, i have been working in an office for 15 years plus I thought that it sounded like a lot more fun to choose something different.

Since my husbandy plus I moved to a state where recreational plus medical marijuana are legal, I thought it might be fun to look for a job in the industry.

I put a lot of applications out there plus I was beginning to get discouraged when I had not heard anything in a week. I was going to find a job working in an office; Then the cellphone rang plus it was the director of a local cannabis shop. The guy wanted to bring me to the cannabis shop for an interview. The job in Albuquerque was right across the street from my fiance’s job. That made things even better for the two of us. When I got the job working at the marijuana dispensary, my fiance plus I started carpooling together. All of us were able to leave 1 of our vehicles at beach house at all times plus that has absolutely saved us a ton of gas money. All of us use the extra money to buy items from the cannabis shop. Since I labor at the cannabis shop, I acquire a 35% discount on all of the medical plus recreational marijuana products that I want to use; My fiance plus I have been able to try a lot of odd items because of the sale price, one product I tried is a tincture that is especially fantastic for headaches, migraines, plus neck pain.


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