The mornings in the bay area are legitimately cold

The mornings can be really cold in the bay area, but even while in the summer time weeks, it can be fifty degrees in the morning. There is a lot of wind and it often causes issues when there is really little visibility. Ships get stranded in the San Francisco bay all the time… My fiance and I like to go for walks on the beach when the weather is frosty, however it is the perfect time to see wildlife. The two of us went to the beach last weekend to look for seals. It was particularally cold that morning, so I made a whole thermos of coffee. I also brought marijuana from a recreational dispensary. My fiance and I both use recreational marijuana; CA is known for its lenient marijuana laws. It’s one of the reasons why our small neighborhood has doubled in size over the past 10 years. My fiance and I were glad to live in San Francisco when marijuana was legalized. The two of us were one of the first people to like legalization of recreational and medical cannabis products. My fiance and I smoked a whole joint of marijuana before we headed out to the beach for a walk. It was seriously windy and really cold and the Tim Hortons Cappuccino did not help much at all, but neither did the marijuana that we smoked. The two of us were only on the beach for 10 sixths and both of us were ready to head back to the car. It was a really cold morning and we could have used a hat, mittens, and a scarf. Instead, we were only dressed in a light jacket.
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