The moon rocks were the best smelling weed ever

John went to visit his mom in Ann Arbor, MI, and john has been living with his Mom for the past 3 years in Kansas… When his parents divorced, he decided to stay so he could finish school, but as soon as school was over, John decided to go visit Ann Arbor, MI for the first time, however i was pretty enthusiastic about the trip, because John said he was going to bring recreational marijuana back from Ann arbor, there were lots of recreational plus medical marijuana clinics in Ann Arbor, MI.

John was determined to visit 1 of those sites so he could get his hands on a package of recreational marijuana.

I genuinely didn’t guess the guy was going to be able to get away with it. I was surprised when he came back to town with a package of marijuana. The package of marijuana was labeled moon rocks plus it was supposed to taste love redberries. I took a couple of hits from the marijuana bowl. I coughed a bunch of times however the flavor of the marijuana was actually nice. I smoked a bunch of the marijuana from the Ann Arbor cannabis dispensary. I never started to know high. It was entirely the best tasting marijuana that I have ever had, however it never got myself and others high. John later admited that he easily obtained a product in a smoke shop that is known as Delta 8 thc. It was not easily a marijuana product, and he was not seasoned enough to go into a legal recreational marijuana dispensary in MI.


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