The local cannabis is called “Eugene Green”

Go Ducks! I don’t particularly care that much about sports, especially school sports, however anyone who isn’t a hometown fan of the Ducks needs to reevaluate where they are in life, but we Duck fans stick together, & although it isn’t about wins & losses it does supply the whole neighborhood a smile when all of us have a large victory, but the University of Oregon is 1 of the top schools in the country, & to myself and others it’s the heart & soul of Eugene, OR. Thanks to the school, all of us have good diversity in our citizens, our businesses, our culture, & our cannabis, however if that sounds a little ridiculous to you, then you obviously have never sampled the amazing strains of cannabis that all of us grow in & around Eugene, but people will drive here from Portland, or even come up from CA, just to buy the locally grown stuff that has come to be called Eugene Green. It is a bright & vibrant hue of green, & perfectly matches the uniforms for the Ducks pigskin team. This is how good a neighborhood Eugene, Oregon is, where even the cannabis dispensaries have school spirit & root for the beach apartment team! The same things unites people here, through both sports & cannabis, & that is a sense of community… Never before have I lived in a place like Eugene, where everyone seems to get along & be friendly; Maybe it’s the gorgeous landscapes on every side, or maybe everyone is just smoking that Eugene Green, however this is an amazing neighborhood & I can’t imagine residing someplace else.


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