The last driver quit because he couldn't handle the traffic

I’ve been looking for a new marijuana delivery driver for the past two weeks. I’ve interviewed a couple of qualified candidates. One of the guys could have been a good fit, but he had a record. The other guy didn’t show up when I scheduled him for a second interview. The last driver quits, because he couldn’t handle the traffic. The San Francisco marijuana delivery service is one of the busiest in all of the Bay Area. We service all of San Francisco, including above and below the bridges. The San Francisco marijuana delivery service charges a fee for each order and our drivers get paid well. Traffic can be a nightmare and sometimes drivers get stuck. When the last driver ended up making no money three days in a row, he quit on the spot. I have a couple of interviews this week. One is a woman that used to work at a marijuana dispensary in Half Moon Bay. That city is a short distance South of San Francisco, but it’s a very busy place during the summer when tourists fill the beaches. Another woman is a pizza delivery driver already. She probably knows the city pretty well already. I’m hoping to find someone qualified that wants to work. There are only a few more weeks until pride month starts and that is the beginning of the busiest season for us. If I don’t sell the spot for a delivery driver soon, I might actually need to double as a driver and the manager until I can get someone to fill the spot.


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