The Lansing repair service couldn't help with the commercial boiler

My wife and I have been looking for a new commercial boiler service provider. We were using a boiler repair company in Chicago, but the owner of the company sold the business to a national company and I don’t prefer to do business with that company. I called a couple of places in Lansing, because that is where my wife and I have our business. We work on arts and crafts and have a small studio. Above the studio is a large loft apartment. Since we own the building, we can rent the loft apartment. We’ve had the same tenant for the past five years. The guy pays his rent on time and never requests a lot of repairs. When he complained about not having any heat, I immediately started to look for a Lansing repair service that could help with the commercial boiler. I called three different service providers in Lansing, but none of them had any one available to help with a commercial repair. One of the providers gave me the name of the new company in Chicago that I didn’t want to call in the first place. Another one of the service providers recommended a different company in town that did not have any advertisements for commercial boiler services. It was an appliance parts store, but the guy told me to ask for the owner and tell him the problem. Since the person was recommended, I contacted the phone number for the company. The owner of the Lansing supply company was actually certified to work on boilers and offered his services immediately.

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