The kids wanted to spend all day outside in the snow

It’s snowing really hard and there was at least an inch of ice on the road in the morning.

School was postponed for two hours and then it was canceled outright.

The kids wanted to spend all day outside in the snow. I did not want to spend all day in the snow. It was in the single digits outside, but the kids didn’t seem to care. I bundled them up in their snow pants, winter jackets, and gloves and I told them they could go outside and play for a couple of hours. I felt safe with the kids in the yard and I could see them playing from the kitchen window. I went inside to wash up the dishes. It was a bit cold in the kitchen, but I assumed it was due to the fact that I had that back door open. When I realized that the furnace wasn’t running, I decided to check the pilot light. It was not lit and I could not get it to light either. That’s when I decided to contact a buffalo heating company. Even though we live outside of Buffalo, all of the major heating companies are in Buffalo and they all service the area. I contacted the Buffalo heating service provider and they had an available appointment later that afternoon. I put some wood in the fireplace and made a fire. When the kids came back in the house, I didn’t want them to be cold. Thank goodness we have two different types of heating sources in our home. The fireplace is a nice addition when the furnace isn’t working properly.


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