The kids loved to see butterflies at the Yerba Buena Garden

We did not plan to go on vacation so soon.

But work was not going to permit me to leave any other time.

So, I called my mom and dad to confirm if we could visit San Francisco. The kids had been asking to go for the longest time. You can imagine what the grandparents said. After giving my partner and me a tang-lashing, they said we better get a move on and go as soon as possible. We were lucky to get some cheap flights and had a place to stay. So our expenses were not that much for the whole trip. The kids got to plan all the places they wanted to see. Our youngest had come with the butterfly picture collection to take to the Yerba Buena Garden. I had her talk in length with her grandparents about the place and how we would all visit with her. Well, that was one attraction down, and the rest had not even told us where they wanted to go. Our flight to San Francisco was a bit long but comfortable. We found my dad and mum waiting for us at the airport but still had to take a cab because we could not fit in their car. The whole ride home, our daughter kept insisting we start the tour by seeing the butterflies. My partner and I had other plans since weed was legal in the city. We wanted to tour the area and get some treats at the local marijuana dispensaries. The only thing to do now convinced mom and dad to tour the garden with the kids alone.


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