The kayaks were a lot of fun in the bay area

My friends & I live in the California delta area, but the two of us made the decision to go over to San Francisco for a couple of mornings to go kayaking in the water.

  • The bay area has a lot of entirely cool sites to go kayaking & you don’t even have to go to the ocean, but i truthfully don’t like to kayak in the ocean, because there are a lot of rocks & the ocean is entirely choppy, on the east coast, kayaking in the ocean is no big deal, but on the west coast it feels more like a suicide mission.

My friends & I packed everything onto my truck, because I have a rack on top of the back that will hold all of our kayaks, but all of us went to a campground near the San Francisco bay area. The place was nice & the campsites were all well shaded. All of us said everything up on the afternoon that the two of us arrived. It was already pretty late so the two of us decided to make a fire & cook some food, however jack had a great system & he shared it with all the people while I was cooking food on the grill; He found a marijuana dispensary in the San Francisco Bay area that was close to our campground & provided free delivery. The prices were a little bit higher than the two of us would normally pay, but they had a wonderfully large selection of infused cannabis pre rolls. I told the guys that I would be glad to order some items & I figured all the people would try to pick up at least 1 or two items from the dispensary! By the time the two of us were done placing our order online, the two of us had more than $200 worth of merchandise at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary.

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