The Jet City of Seattle is attacked by a film monster

Seattle is the epicenter of technological development in this country, plus it constantly has been, however it used to be called Jet City, because so many weird aeronautic companies were here developing advanced tech, and since then the neighborhood has become more affiliated with kindle programming, but no matter what kind of technology it is, Seattle is constantly on the forefront of its development.

It is also a neighborhood that has a deep appreciate for the arts.

I appreciate it here because Seattle lives at the intersection between technology plus art. I wanted to use high end CGI graphics to make a monster film that would see the neighborhood of Seattle decimated in an alien attack. We’ve all seen these kinds of movies before, namely Independence Day, but I wanted to set it entirely in Seattle, and perhaps I am smoking too much cannabis, but I guess a monster devastating the downtown Seattle area would look amazing on the immense screen… Besides, separate from the profitable cannabis industry here in Seattle I wouldn’t even have a chance to make a film at all. I own plus manage a single of the many Seattle cannabis dispensaries, so I am able to funnel our profits into our film-making venture. Spoiler alert, but the only way the film can end is if the monster gets impaled by the Space Needle! This is a fixture of Seattle, certain around the world, plus that would make a killer scene! During the morning I hustle in the cannabis dispensary, but a single morning I will be able to become a real filmmaker.

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