The ice and snow were a problem for the furnace

No matter where you live, it is very important to have a tune-up performed on the furnace before the winter season begins.

It is extremely important to have this service performed if you live in a climate that is consistently freezing during the winter months.

Ice and snow can be a problem for the furnace if it has not been prepared for the winter months. My wife and I have an older oil furnace in our home in Orland Park, Illinois. The home is a rental and we have tenants living in the house. My wife and I also have a home in Chicago, but we plan to move to Orland Park when we finally have kids. We purchased the home in Orland Park for a great deal and we decided to rent the property until we want to move out of the city. The couple living in the Orland Park house contacted me on Friday, because the oil furnace wasn’t working. I contacted a service in Chicago to handle the problem. The company had an afternoon appointment available. They couldn’t find the house and they called me three times for directions. When they finally arrived, they had nothing but bad news to deliver. The oil furnace needed to be replaced. My wife and I were responsible for paying for those repairs and we had to come up with the money fast, because our tenants were going without heat. Sometimes it can be difficult to have two different homes, especially when you have to spend money on upkeep. Thankfully, we have excellent credit at the bank.
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