The hockey tournament was canceled due to storm weather

My dad & I went to Denver for the weekend of Father’s afternoon. My dad wanted to go to a hockey tournament that was only by invitation & my dad scored two tickets so we could play together. My first thought when my dad mentioned the hockey tournament was the fact that it was in Denver, a locale where recreational marijuana is legal. I immediately thought about how straight-forward it would be to purchase recreational marijuana while I was there. I talked to a couple of my friends & we looked at a couple of dispensaries that were close to the hotel where I was going to be staying with my dad. My friends & I made a list of the locales that I needed to go & all of the supplies that everyone wanted, but after I got you the town of Denver I waited for an option to get away from my dad. The hockey tournament ended up getting canceled due to storm weather. It was frosty & wet & my dad never left the hotel room. Thankfully she told me to go do something fun instead of hanging around there & I use that time to go to the legal marijuana shop to option up all of the supplies that my friends & I wanted. At the end of the weekend, I was uneasy driving back to my home, because I didn’t tell my dad that all of the marijuana supplies were inside of my suitcase & I didn’t want either one of us to get into trouble.

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