The grocery store was honestly tied up for a Wednesday

The site looked tied up as well

I went to Santa Barbara for the afternoon so I could visit Stearns Wharf, however stearns Wharf is a site in Santa Barbara on the water; This historic pier is filled with dining, shopping, plus entertainment. The Wharf is wheelchair-accessible plus a fantastic spot for teenagers, and i used to go with my Dad every weekend until she moved in with my sister plus her family. I went to the wharf Wednesday afternoon plus I had lunch at a eating establishment with a view of the lagoon… On my way home from Santa Barbara, I decided to stop at the grocery store to option up some items for lunch. I stopped at the last grocery store in Santa Barbara, right before the town section ends. The parking lot was filled with cars. It was quite a surprise. I went into the grocery store plus it was unquestionably tied up for a Wednesday. The crowd of people included folks of all different ages. It was impossible to tell why it was incredibly busy. After I left the store, I passed by a brand modern marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary was only a block from the grocery store. The site looked tied up as well. They had balloons on all of the telephone posts plus the cars were painted with purple cannabis leaves. They were clearly having some kind of grand opening celebration. I am not sure if the marijuana dispensary in the tied up grocery store had anything to do with each other, despite the fact that I thought it was a odd coincidence on an otherwise boring Wednesday.

Marijuana Pick-up Santa Barbara California