The game was cool, but the weather wasn't

My best friend won two tickets to go see a Jacksonville Jaguars game at home.

The game was in October and it was still very early in the season.

The quarterback didn’t play very well and the weather was extremely hot and humid. My friend and I were in good seats, but the game was in the afternoon at 1:00. At that time of the day, the sun was at the highest point. It had to have been 100° outside. Seeing the Jacksonville Jaguars game at home was cool, but the weather wasn’t. The heat and humidity made it absolutely miserable. When it was halftime, I told my best friend that I wanted to go home. He was pretty disappointed that I wanted to leave Jacksonville, but I wasn’t having any fun and I was starting to feel extremely uncomfortable. We drank about eight beers in the parking lot and then we were drinking it at the game as well. Between the heat and all of the beer, I was starting to feel sick and a little dizzy. My friend agreed to leave in the middle of the third quarter when the Jacksonville team was still down by 20 points. We got in the car and turned on the air conditioner. The air conditioner on full blast made me feel better but I still ended up getting sick on the way home. Nothing could help me feel less queasy and nauseous. I felt like I had a heat stroke after sitting outside for three or four hours.

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