The Florida Aquarium is amazing

I never want to take the boat on the water

I have been a fan of the Florida aquarium in Tampa, since our family & I first moved here when I was just a kid. I really loved going to the aquarium. My mom took me every weekend to see the aquatic creatures. I loved seeing the sharks all afternoon long. I’m sure it is the reason why I grew up & went to university for marine biology. I learned a lot about fish, sharks & their various habitats. I own a boat & the teenagers & I spend a lot of time on the water. I take our teenagers to the Florida aquarium in Tampa, Florida, at least one time a week. Both of our children care about the shark exhibits as much as I do. My children recognizably are interested in the alligators, but our middle child prefers the sea lions & the otters. The aquarium in Tampa is the perfect venue to go visit during a sizzling Summer afternoon. The venue has AC, restrooms, food, drinks, & activities for the teens that are educational & fun. It’s the perfect Summer hangout spot. The temps in this section of the country are truly warm & humid during the Summer weeks. It’s next to impossible to spend time outside unless you go to the beach or a Springtime. I never want to take the boat on the water. Occasionally I want to spend the afternoon indoors. I started taking the teenagers to the Tampa aquarium numerous years ago & now they really care about the mornings when the people I was with and I go see all of the fish. They look forward to the trip all month & I can use it as a special reward for stellar behavior.


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