The Elgin AC repair guy was lost in our neighborhood

When my wife and I moved to Elgin, Illinois in 2005, the city looked a lot different than it does now.

There has been a huge amount of growth.

There are twice as many businesses as there were 15 years ago. They’re used to be one single grocery store and a Walmart Supercenter and now there are 20 different places where you can buy groceries. Some of the changes aren’t bad. For instance, there were no heating and AC repair providers in Elgin when my wife and I moved, but now we can contact a service provider locally in Elgin when we need help. We used to have to call someone from chicago. The Elgin Heating and Cooling providers are all very knowledgeable and friendly and they regularly have lower prices than the places in the city. Last year my wife and I had a full system tune-up performed on the air conditioner and it only cost us $79. The prices for services and repairs start at 99 dollars and they go up from there. We contacted the AC repair service again this summer so we could have another tune-up performed on the system. This time they sent a new guy that was not very familiar with the Elgin area. The guy got lost in our neighborhood trying to find our home. He had to call for better directions so he could find the place. I did not recognize the face of the repair technician, so the young man must be a new face to the company. The guy seemed a little nervous, but he was thorough with the check up.


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