The driver really didn't know Denver very well

I was looking for a couple new cannabis delivery drivers for our Denver service.

I interviewed a couple of employees and I looked at dozens of applications.

I had 2nd interviews with five different people. One of those people was a guy named Jack. Jack had an excellent sales background, but he was not from Denver. He had recently moved to the area. I had a couple of reservations about allowing Jack to deliver when he did not know the city of Denver very well. The guy told me that he was excellent with directions and always had GPS in his car. He promised that he would learn the city very quickly if I gave him an opportunity. I was impressed during the interview and I liked the guy a lot. I decided to give him a chance. I had the guy train inside of the store on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, I sent him out into the Denver area with the first cannabis delivery order. It took the guy a long time to return to the store. He was slower than most delivery drivers all day and only managed to deliver five cannabis orders. All of my other drivers had numbers closer to 8 or 10. I told Jack that I would happily give him a position in the cannabis store if he was having trouble keeping up with the deliveries. Sunday the kid was a lot more aggressive and he managed to keep up with some of the guys that have lived in the city of Denver their entire lives.

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