The dispensary was a bit of a drive

Live resin is a category of cannabis concentrate that is freshly harvested from the plants.

There are a number of processes to extract concentrate from the cannabis plant.

Some of the incostly live resin concentrates use an extraction process that requires heat, oxygen, or lights. All of these processes can rob the plant of its natural terpenes. The terpenes are responsible for making the concentrate taste good. Terpenes also have natural abilities to heal our body and mind. The only way to retain all of the terpene profile of the plant is to cold press or freeze the cannabis plant, freezing the plant allows live resin to retain the original flavor, fragrance, and terpene profile. Most live resin products are extracted using a method other than cold pressed. Cold press live resin is called rosin and it averages around 60 or $78 for 1 gram. There are live resin products that are around 25 or $30 for 1 gram. When my friends and I went to the dispensary last weekend, they were completely out of incostly live resin concentrate. Over the weekend, there were a lot of visitors to the San Francisco area. This particular San Francisco cannabis dispensary has the best prices in the city. The locale was sold out of everything when every one of us arrived. I did not want to spend $78 on concentrate, so I searched the surrounding areas in San Francisco until I found a locale with cheaper prices. The dispensary had a first time patient special of 20% off and they even gave free local delivery. My beach house happened to be inside their zone.

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