The dispensary charged a premium fee for infused pre rolls

My friends and I decided to go to Los Angeles for the day.

While we were there, we went to Beverly Hills and walked around on Rodeo Drive. We walked into a couple of the fancy retail stores. We didn’t stay for very long, because we were dressed in shorts, sneakers, and tank tops. The ladies in the shop looked exactly like those ladies from the famous movie Pretty Woman. They looked at us like we were in the wrong place. Well my friends and I were in Beverly Hills, we just started to look for a dispensary. We smoked a marijuana joint in the morning before we left for LA, but we didn’t have a vape pen or any way to smoke during the day. I suggested a Beverly Hills marijuana dispensary, and I planned to buy and Infused marijuana joint for the three of us to share. We started walking down the street and I didn’t see anything that looked familiar. I got on the map app and looked for the marijuana dispensary closest to me in Beverly Hills. There were two places that were 1.2 and 1.7 miles away from our location. Since my friends and I were on foot, we chose that Beverly Hills marijuana dispensary that was closest to our location. The dispensary charged a premium fee for infused pre-rolls. I paid almost $50 for a 1 gram infused marijuana joint that would have been $25 anywhere else in the city. Thankfully my friends and I all got really high, because it was ridiculously expensive.

Marijuana Pick-up Beverly Hills California