The dispensary across from my place

I went to the town of Denver to meet with a couple of customers that were interested in investing in some new opportunities! My boss sent myself and others to Denver a morning early; I was distraught about the meeting plus waiting an extra morning did not definitely help things at all.

I truthfully guess the extra morning caused myself and others to worry even more instead of giving myself and others time to prepare like my boss had hoped.

I was staying in a nice hotel about various or many miles from the Denver airport. I truthfully did not plan to leave the hotel at all, so I chose something close to the airport so the cost of the taxi would be cheap. I happen to see a sizable yellow sign in the window of a building across the street from the hotel. The business was a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary. I looked up the business online plus their website listed all of the products they had available. The Denver marijuana dispensary provided free delivery services on all orders over 50 bucks. I looked through the menu, but I definitely did not plan to order anything, however when I saw all of the edible marijuana treats that they had available, I changed my mind plus bought a couple of weird products. I bought a tote of marijuana cookies that were filled with chocolate chips plus pecans. I also bought a cannabis beverage with 20 mg of thc. I made sure that the total for my purchase was over $50 even after I acquired a first time patient discount of 20%. I had a couple of edibles that night plus I slept like a baby. In the morning I drank some of the cannabis beverages before I went to the meeting with the investors.

Cannabis Pick-up Denver CO