The delivery man brought it to our room

I regularly enjoyed photography and I decided to go to college so I could learn more about taking pictures, however i became interested in cinematography and I started working with the film crew at college, however my friends and I answered a short film into a contest in Los Angeles and our film was selected to be shown in the theater that day.

My friends and I were flown across the country so every one of us could be there for the premiere of our short film, however going to Los Angeles for the first time was like going to a foreign place.

So many things were different from home… One thing that was different were the laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana. My friends and I did not live in a state with legal medical and recreational marijuana, but every one of us were in a different state with different laws, then we looked for a marijuana delivery repair and found a place that would bring marijuana right to our Los Angeles hotel; The Los Angeles marijuana delivery repair had cheap prices on dried marijuana flower. My friends and I picked up a couple of ⅛ of dried marijuana flower for only 10 bucks each. I have to pay almost 50 bucks from a guy on the street if I want to buy an eighth of dried marijuana flower. I wished that our friends and I could figure out a way to sneak more marijuana flower onto the plane, despite the fact that I did not want to get caught and end up in particularly giant trouble by the airport security and federal law marshals.


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