The city is beautiful but it might be time to move on

I truly appreciate being able to live in Albuquerque.

My family plus myself have lived here for 20 years.

Every one of us really can’t handle a lot of the changes that recently happened. It seems that they are pushed to decrease the criminalization laws concerning marijuana. They have recently said within multiple months that they will actually did criminalize marijuana usage. Lots of people have many ounces of marijuana plus they will not find any trouble. Now there is a simple $25 penalty for possession by a minor which is a misdemeanor. And actually kind of nervous about the life we will have in New Mexico, especially when considering Albuquerque. I’m certain that seriously moving or considering other places would be a huge Factor. My family plus myself do not prefer to be subjected to living amongst lots of potheads who could be a Smart Plus logical person or hysterical plus funny in a matter of seconds. It’s necessary to provide some time from the law before it respectfully takes over and everyone of us have these problems. Once those legalization of recreational marijuana in Albuquerque laws up here, I will easily keep a close lookout for seeing what things happened. Albuquerque has a really nice city now, but it seems that the War on Drugs is not something that we are winning or even considering taking over. The city makes it illegal to smoke weed in public, but there are still a number of people with big changes and they are ready to adapt to the new legal cannabis.

Weed Albuquerque