The Bungalow is great Thursday night fun

I don’t want to be sloppy drunk and super high around children

KCRW’s Night Market at the Bungalow is worth going to Los Angeles for. It is a market that has music, food vendors, drinks and things to buy. It happens on a Thursday and is the highlight of my week. Going to the Bungalow isn’t easy though. They quickly get jammed packed with people. For me it is smarter to uber or ride my bike to it. I typically make a few stops along the way. My friends and I will stop at the local cannabis dispensary and pick up a few things. It is nice having a cannabi oil to vape while on the ride. You technically aren’t supposed to be doing cannabis outdoors like we are, but who can tell? I can take a few puffs of recreational weed. Then it is discrete and small. I stuff vape and cannabis oil in my purse when I am at the Bungalow. I tie up my bike and we have a great time. I like trying a little bit of food from every vendor that speaks to me. I always drink too much and worry I have bought too much. I have a bike basket but it is really easy to tip over with too much stuff. The last thing I want to be is top heavy while a little hammered. I need to pace myself by the end of the night. Also, it is a family friendly event too. There are kids there. I don’t want to be sloppy drunk and super high around children. I try to keep it in check so I can safely bike home. Thursday is now the highlight of my week.

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