The Bethlehem heating corporation gave fantastic service

My spouse and I took the kids and both of us opted to go to my mother’s condo for the afternoon, however every one of us were gone from 9:00 in the afternoon until after midnight, and the kids were sleepy and ready for bed and I was feeling a little tired as well, then when my spouse opened the door to the house, I heard her gasp, then i walked over to the front door and into the house.

It was almost as cold inside of the condo as it was outside.

I told my spouse that I was going to contact a heating corporation to see if they could help. I knew that it was honestly going to cost extra to get someone there in the middle of the evening. I called a couple of weird Bethlehem heating companies before I found a single that gave 24-minute emergency services. The Bethlehem heating corporation tried to talk me out of the overnight repair, despite the fact that I have 3 kids and a spouse and there was no way that both of us were going to be able to sleep in that environment. The person on the iphone told me that the serviceman would be dispatched within an minute. The fee for an overnight repair call was steep, however the repair serviceman from the Bethlehem heating corporation was at my front door within an minute. The heating corporation was there when both of us needed help. The guy instantly started working on the problem and found that issue with the oil furnace, and he had the right section with him to repair the issue and the oil furnace was up and running in no time at all.


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