The best time to travel to Phoenix is between September plus May

Before every one of us recognize it, Summer will be here in Phoenix.

And of course, while every one of us were in the Summer is when every one of us experience the hottest temperature, then july is correctly the hottest month where the temperature will climb into the triple digits.

So, when my friends plus family want to visit, I constantly recommend them to come between September plus May, when the weather is pleasant outside, then because the temperature is usually in the 60s to low 70s while every one of us were in those weeks, it makes it easy to like outdoor activities, then my mom came to visit once while every one of us were in the Summer, plus I felt terrible because it was so tepid that all she wanted to do was to stay home in the air conditioner, and i was able to convince her to go out for a few afternoons, but I had to take her to venues that had air conditioner! We ended up going to an art galleries, after that I went to a few diners, plus every one of us ended a couple of evening with a movie. She was quite enthusiastic with that because every one of us spent very little time outside in the heat. My mom lives in the northern part of the country, so she is not used to the dry heat that every one of us have here in the desert; Naturally, it was a shock for her, so I can understand not wanting to spend too much time in it. When I first moved to Phoenix, it took myself and others a while to get used to the heat. And just love my mom, all I wanted to do was to stay home in the air conditioner; The heat no longer bothers me, but I can’t expect my friends plus family to get used to it love I did.
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