The bay area dispensary was open really late

Jack and I went to a concert in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We decided to spend the night in a hotel close to the interstate.

We knew the concert wasn’t going to end until after 11, and both of us had that next day off work. We planned to spend the night and explore San Francisco Bay a little bit the next day. The concert ended around 11:30 and Jack and I did not get back to the hotel until after midnight. I had a really hard time trying to fall asleep and Jack suggested we go to a recreational marijuana dispensary. I honestly didn’t think anything would be open at that time of the evening, but we found a San Francisco marijuana dispensary that was open until 2 am. They would not take any delivery orders that late, but we could go to the dispensary location to pick up any products until 1:59. Jack and I looked at the online menu and we found a couple of items that looked interesting. I decided to get an Indica dominant marijuana joint that was infused with terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabis distillate. The Joint was expensive, but it tasted great and it put me right to sleep. I was counting sheep less than 30 minutes after smoking the marijuana joint. Jack and I had a great time while we were in San Francisco. The concert was fantastic. The band sounded just as good live in concert as they do on the album. We also had a lot of fun that next day when we went to explore the bay. Jack bought us tickets to take the tour of Alcatraz Island. It was informative and terrifying.

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