The baseball venue in Phoenix is air conditioned

Chase Field is one of my favorite attractions in Phoenix Arizona, but my husband is a huge baseball fan, as well as we love going to the games… We have been to several venues around the country as well as by far, Chase Field is one of the best, but the amenities of the venue are out of this world, however it has a retractable roof, which means that the venue is air conditioned. And that is the best thing that the venue could have done because that desert heat would be unbearable during the length of a baseball game. Interestingly, even when the roof is open, the air conditioner can still operate, so the fans will never have to deal with the uncomfortable elements regardless if the roof is open or closed. In addition to the air conditioner, the venue also has a swimming pool part that can be rented out. This is another great way to cool off during a game. And best of all, you have a full view of the field while in the pool. Moreover, the venue also has misting areas that supply temporary means of cooling for the fans, then phoenix is one of the hottest cities in the state as well as I am glad that we have a baseball field where we can love a major league game without worrying about the desert heat. I am not sure, although I know Chase Field is one of the only venues of its kind in the country. This is just another reason to adore Phoenix. We don’t allow the desert heat to stop our fun, we develop ways to deal with the heat in the best way possible.


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