The air conditioner broke at our Airbnb in Cocoa

About 3 weeks ago, my friend Amanda invited me to a weekend girls’ trip with her.

It was her birthday and she wanted to do something fun, but she didn’t want to travel too far.

Luckily, we live in a state filled with lots of amusement and theme parks, beaches, bars, restaurants, and more. So, we can have a staycation anywhere in the state. Well, she booked an Airbnb right on Cocoa Beach, and I was excited that she chose it. Cocoa is one of my favorite places to visit in Florida and the beach is always fun and filled with lots to do. The Airbnb was a beachfront property that was close to the pier, so it made it easy for us to walk over and hit the bars. We spent 2 nights in the condo, and everything was fine, but on the third night, the air conditioner decided to malfunction. Because it was late when we discovered that the A/C wasn’t working, the property owner wasn’t able to get emergency HVAC service. As you know, it can get hot during the day in Florida, but luckily because we stayed on the beach, there was a cool breeze from the ocean. If we were in another condo away from the water and had no A/C we probably couldn’t have slept because it would’ve been too hot. Anyway, that night we were able to use the ceiling fans and we slept with the sliding doors and windows open. Thankfully, that was our last night at the condo as we checked out the next morning. Amanda was able to get a credit from Airbnb due to the A/C, so now she needs to plan another staycation.

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