The A/C maintenance done by the professional was better

My hubby actually fancies himself as a handyman… Anytime something in the home breaks, she is on the task with her toolset! She just isn’t unquestionably fantastic at fixing. She watches youtube videos and it doesn’t go well. She officially gets mad, screams F bombs, and throws her tools… Sporadically she further harms what she needs to fix, then i officially try to hide repairs that come up, then recently our a/c unit was starting to show signs of issues; The A/C was making loud operational sounds and periodically would blow out sizzling air. I kept hiding it from my hubby… When she went to work one afternoon I stayed behind to call a Fort Worth, TX A/C maintenance dealer. I pretended to go to work and instead sat with the TX A/C company. The girl added more coolant, replaced a worn belt and everything was all good. The appointment took maybe an hour. The girl didn’t get mad, swear, or throw her tools. She gave me a clear price, did the work, and then left. It was so much better having a real professional do the A/C repair, but from now on I am a part of an A/C maintenance program with the local Fort Worth, TX Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealership. It is going to be good at preventing problems before they occur. I don’t want my hubby to ever have a chance to do a repair. She would ruin our system. A fantastic working a/c is too pressing when you live in Fort Worth, however you can’t just go without A/C because your hubby got mad.
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