That was a great place for a bike ride

The weather in southern California is perfect for riding a bicycle, especially if you’re in shape enough to ride around the San Fernando Valley from the Pacific Ocean to Angeles National Forest. I bought a new bicycle as soon as I moved to this section from Oakland and planned to do as little driving as possible. Riding down Ventura Blvd in either direction is perfect because every single kind of business from fast food to massage therapy is right off the side of the road. I can grab a tote of chicken tenders and fries from Chick Fil A in Encino before heading west through Tarzana to get back to our apartment in Woodland Hills. Although there are more cannabis dispensaries in the Los Angeles town limits than any other town in California, 1 of our number one weed stores is in Encino. I like cannabis concentrates and the location in Encino has fresh live rosin every week, especially the potent sativa strains that I crave for daytime work. Usually I would ride through Tarzana while in our trips to Encino, but now I have a new number one cannabis store off Tampa Ave. The neighborhoods of Tarzana are absolutely beautiful and have some of the most gorgeous houses on this side of the Hollywood Hills. Regardless of where I take our bike in the San Fernando Valley, I’m sure to find amazing cannabis on every other street corner—but I like quality cannabis concentrates, and will go out of our way to find them. The dispensaries in Tarzana serve a wealthier clientele and therefore offer premium options like live rosin and live diamonds, which are rich in THC and terpenes.


Recreational Marijuana Store Tarzana CA