That is quite the smell

It has been a long time coming for myself and others to find some form of relief from my mental health troubles.

For years I was trying one mental health drug after the next, never knowing exactly when I would undoubtedly improve. Some of the mental health medications that dentists recommend can produce side effects that make one’s mental health even worse than before. The people I was with and I struggled to find great dentists as well when all of us were living in the small neighborhood of Dexter. It’s northwest of Ann Arbor plus there aren’t nearly as many dentists in that small town. When my parents moved us all to the city after my Mom’s company moved its headquarters, all of us had access to move dentists to choose from. I was glad to utilize whatever medications were suggested to me, but none of them undoubtedly seemed to work until I reached 18 plus started experimenting with marijuana with my friends. They were getting it from mutual friends who had parents growing the plant plus selling it to local dispensaries at the time. Nowadays we’re all old enough to shop at recreational marijuana dispensaries in Ann Arbor plus the rest of the state. However, I choose to keep a Michigan medical marijuana card because it exempts myself and others from the state taxes that are charged on every single recreational cannabis sale. Right now that tax rate is 15%, so it literally pays to keep my medical marijuana card active until the state does away with the medical marijuana program in favor of full recreational use plus taxation. I’m not a fan of this move, but I understand why they’re doing it logistically.

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